Business TURNAROUND Specialist


Kane Hooper
Kane Hooper is a specialist in business recoveries. Having extensive experience in turning failing companies around, achieving profitability and sustained growth. He has managed turnarounds in a number of fields including manufacturing, retail, finance, construction and services.

Kane has held the position of General Manager in eight businesses, five of which were successful turnaround engagements.

With particular interest in the Not-For-Profit sector, he has completed a number of volunteer engagements including as a trauma response specialist in Indonesia following the South-East Asian Tsunami, as well as providing logistical support for CFA crews during the 2008 bush fires, and working with the Drug Free World foundation.

Currently enrolled in the MBA program at Deakin University, with a current average grade of 92% and election to the Deakin Academic Board as well as a member of the MBA Advisory Board for 2014.


  • Deakin University Academic Board Deakin University MBA Advisory Board
  • Held a C-level position within an organization
  • Received one or more promotions within an organization
  • Endorsed by co-workers or clients
  • Spoken in front of an audience about an area of expertise
  • Has had direct reports in an organization
  • Donates time to philanthropic causes or organizations


  • Management
  • Management Consulting
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Analysis
  • Change Management

Experience Highlights

  • General Manager (Business Recovery)
    Intouch Shades
  • National General Manager (Business Recovery)
    Labourforce International
  • General Manager (Business Recovery)
    Chris & Marie's Plant Farms
  • General Manager (Business Recovery)
    Investors Direct

Education Highlights

  • Master of Business Administration 2013
    Deakin University
  • General Manager Advanced Training 2007
    Hubbard College of Administration (Los Angeles)


  • Trauma Relief Specialist
    2005 South-East Asian Tsunami
  • Logistics support
    2008 Victorian Bush Fires
  • VP for Education
    Toastmasters (2011 - 2012)
  • Recruitment
    Drug Free World (2012 - 2013)